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  • Words to live by

    23rd Sep 2013

    It's Monday morning and if your feeling a little down and out we have collected all our favourite words of wisdom and pick me up saying to help you out...


  • Long Hair Don't Care

    Long Hair Don't Care

    19th Sep 2013

    According to Urban Dictionary, this phrase is commonly "used by girls as a means of drawing attention to their precious locks they obsessively grow." Amen to that! Today we're crushing on all those long, messy, notty, haired wild beach babes who ooze that carefree "long hurr don't curr" vibe.
    Here are some long haired lovelies inspiring ...

  • LFW kicking ass

    LFW kicking ass

    17th Sep 2013

    We sure know how to do it in the UK. We love to push the boundaries of fashion and personal style. We're not scared of taking a risk and standing out from the crowd!
    This fashion week has been no different, with amazing runway collections from super creative designers such as Mark Fast, Christopher Kane, David ...